Is salvaging worth it?

The tractor beam pulled the wreck towards the cargo bay. A suited crewman waited for the range to close then engaged the salvaging system. Beams shot out across space dismembering the wreck looking for items that might be worth something.

‘Nothing useful sir’

We moved onto the next group of wrecks. Perhaps we’d have more luck this time.

I discovered the benefits on salvaging after I’d been playing for 3 months or so. I’d been messing about ratting and mission running, didn’t see the benefits of mining at the time, and although I was making money it was a slow grind. I was taking what loot I could carry and that provided a little extra income but nothing too great. I saw the salvage skill sitting there, and then the salvager module and thought I’d investigate. A short time later I start salvaging the Blood Raider wrecks, every other one would produce either armor plate or capacitor consoles. The money started to roll in. In the 0.6 systems I was flying I made way more money from the salvage than I would ever earn from ratting.

By the time I moved onto level 3 and level 4 missions I’d got salvaging down to a fine art. I’d blast through the mission killing everything in my missioning ship, bookmark a wreck in each room, then collect the mission and swap ships in station. With a catalyst fitted with 4 salvagers, 4 tractor beams, and an expanded hold, I could warp into the mission wrecks and quickly process them. This made around as much money as the missions paid.

Then came the rig changes. Instead of selling the salvage I could use it to build small and medium rigs and increase the profit made from salvaging. I also fitted three small salvage rigs to the Catalyst which boosted my success rate.

Then I moved out to decent 0.0 space. I could still make money from salvaging, but with triple BS spawns worth 4+ mil isk, and plentiful anomalies was it worth it? The salvaging takes a while, even with decent (L4) skills and 3 rigs. There’s still the whole moving around belts, mission, and anomaly sites getting to the wrecks. In the same time I can move onto another and kill more rats, earning more money than the salvage was worth, even with rig building.

So at the moment, although I’m setup to salvage, and have plenty of rig blueprints. Its no longer a focus of mine. The exception being if I don’t have a huge amount of time and someone else is killing the rats. If they are abandoning the wrecks its a fairly low risk, low involvement activity I can do whilst being semi-afk. If I lose a salvage ship its a much smaller hit on the killboard as well.

The only exception to this is wormhole salvage. After Sleeper conflict salvaging is a must, there is massive profit to be made there.


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