Salvage Mammoth

We went on a quick roam wormhole roam last night. I had to leave a little early and was heading back to the wormhole when I jumped through a gate and landed 22km from a Mammoth.

In the Eris I didn’t have a point so started to approach and flipped on the MWD. I needed to get close enough to snag it in the bubble before it could warp off. My interdictor flipped around and burned hard towards the target… 20km … 18km, I could see it aligning … 15km … 12km … 10km… bubble deployed. I had him.

I settled into a tight orbit and started showering him with Caldari Antimatter from my 75mm rails. Shields disappeared, armor was dropping, then the rest of my fleet jumped it. They quickly locked and joined in and the ship exploded. Stuck in the bubble the pod had no chance.

Looking at our victim I wondered what was going on with this fitting. Then it struck me, we’d been after pilots clearing anomalies, this ship was designed to jump in after the main had got aggro and clear up the wrecks. The webs were there to slow down any close ships to make them easier to kill. Sadly I’d caught it on the way to help rather than heading back to the station.

We ran into a half-hearted camp at the next gate, and a lone Thorax arrived 100km from the wormhole back home. We decided that it wasn’t worth engaging though, no sense in risking getting ganked.


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