“Stargate Activated”. The voice of Aurora cut through the tension on the bridge.

Coming into system we could see the target 300km away and motionless. A quick calculation and the warp drive is initiating launching the Ares class interceptor towards its prey.

200km … 150km… 100km… 70… 50… 40…

The warp engines cut. Damn! The calculation was wrong we are out of warp too soon, the Phantasm was out of disruptor range.

Too close to re-engage warp, the microwarpdrive is engaged and we lurched towards the larger ship. Would he warp off…

I logged on yesterday to do a little admin and maybe a little ratting. That was the intention anyway, a nice lazy evening with the TV on. Then the call went out on vent to warp to the Z-R gate to try and catch a Falcon. I jumped into system and headed for the gate. Damn, it had gone the other way. Off to the MMR gate quick. Then back to the Z-R gate. Then back to the MMR gate. Intel was sparse so we were trying to play the odds.

Then we had a local spike and two vagabonds and a scimitar appeared on scan. They weren’t ours, hold on the gate. The three ships landed. Hold. The two vagas engaged. Jump!

We all jumped through the gate and burned off. We waited. Eventually the Vagabonds jumped through. We warped off to a rolling safe, leaving cloaked eyes on both sides of the gate. The minutes passed. We were waiting to see if the Vagabonds would move on so we could jump back through and maybe snag the Scimitar. The Vagabond’s left. Jumping back through and warping off with their logistics friend and leaving system with most of the other reds.

A brief discussion and we decided to turn our little fleet into a gate camp. I jumped back into T-8 and swapped my Iskhur for an Ares. The Iskhur is ok, but I wanted the long point and the speed. We out one system, sent out scouts, and waited to see what would come through. Ships came close, but none ventured through.

In the meantime one of the remaining reds had appeared at a tactical off the other side of the gate we were camping. He warped off. Then back to the same spot.

“Can you give us a warp-in point?”, the FC asked our scout.

“Yes. Just give me 5 minutes. I’m 150km away”

The time passed as we waited for him to slow-boat cloaked to a position 20km behind the Phantasm from the gate. Eventually the message came over vent. “In position”.

Having a fast ship with a T2 disruptor, the FC asked me to jump and try to lock him down. I jumped through, checked my watchlist and set to warp to 20km from my cloaky friend. The warp engaged and I shot towards the target, heart-racing. Then I dropped out of warp, hit the disruptor and saw that I was over 40km away. Too far. I toggled the MWD, hit orbit, and hoped I’d get there before he decided to warp off. The Phantasm pilot can’t have believed his eyes, a little Ares burning for him. I got to 25k and hit the disruptor.


“Jump, jump, jump!”, said the FC.

As I settled into a tight orbit and engaged with my railguns, the rest of the fleet jumped through the gate and warped to me. No response from the Phantasm pilot. A swarm of light ships filled space with projectiles and his shields melted away, still no response.

“He must be AFK”

The assault continued. Armour boiling away into space, then structure began to crumble. Finally the ship exploded and I could breathe again. No damage to me, not even locked.

“Bubble the pod”

The bubble went up, but too late, the pod warped out. What? The pilot had just sat there and taken it. Why? An odd kill, but a good one for our little fleet.


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