Fleet fights and playing fair

I’m a little behind the times and have only just read the Fixing Lag: Character Nodes devblog from CCP Atlas. It was an interesting read but that I want to highlight is the following from the end of the piece:

A fleet fight which happens on a node with a hundred other systems is not a good experience for anyone involved since often times the node only has 30% left of its CPU capacity when the fight starts. You can help make sure that the solar system you will be fighting in is on a dedicated node.

I’ve seen a bit of 0.0 sov wars with large fleets over the past couple of months and, although I can see the point, I think that CCP Atlas is trying to be King Canute. In general the person knowing when the battle is going to be is the attacker. Even in the case of expiring timers the attacker still doesn’t need to resume the attack straight away. If they know the time of the battle, then they can manipulate the lag to their advantage. Why would they want to let CCP know when the battle is to be joined?

Throughout the battle for Insmother we were constantly fighting lag. From the standard fleet fight lag. To jump lag due to the numbers in the region/constellation. To hanger lag caused by goodness knows what.

Towards the end in EUU-4N we had damaged station services; medical, repair, and fitting. This appeared to have an negative impact on the hangers in the station. You could get an item or ship via trade, or contract, or just off the market. Despite everything indicating that everything was ok, the item wouldn’t appear in the hanger. Whilst this didn’t prevent us being kicked out, it didn’t help. We would have been able to put up a better fight if we’d been able to re-equip. We might have got more out if the cancelled orders had resulted in things appearing in the hanger. As it is, nothing of the kind happened.


Anyway. The point is that  CCP shouldn’t be relying on us to let them know where the battles are going be. They should be using some of the data they have to predict them. If there’s been a large fleet battle around a system and the station has entered its second timer, there is a good chance there will be another after that timer expires.


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