Stain: First Impressions

I looked twice at the person standing near the bar. I didn’t recognise them but that insignia on their arm…

I needed a closer look.

I paid my tab, and left a generous tip, then strolled towards the exit. A glanc at the stranger confirmed things. B4d Wolf. I tried to hide my reaction, but something must have given me away. The stranger looked at me and smiled as I walked out.

So here we are in Stain, system T-8UOF to be specific, and the initial impression is that its different. Sort of an extension of low-sec but with no doubts who the hostiles are. In low sec if someone isn’t flagged as blue then they might be hostile, out here they probably are.

Its a bit different having to look for Agents and running missions again. One of the reasons for being in 0.0 was to avoid running missions, yet here we are doing that. Well, I would be but as yet my faction standing for Sansha’s Nation is so low that none of the local agents will accept me. The only way around that is going to be either mission with someone else, get an alt down here with good enough standings, or just rat and wait for the corp standings to improve.

Being able to dock at every station, and having to pay for repairs, is another change. One I’m not that sure about. Docking games can be a little tedious.

The market is probably the biggest difference. We had a great market in EUU-4N, with most things available. Here we have very little and have to cobble together fittings. That will change though.

In Insmother we’d built a good reputation as being competent at pew-pew. Consequently we had good participation from blues in our gangs. This led to larger gangs and more success. This will take a little while to reproduce in our new home, in the meantime flying around will need a little more care.

An interesting side show is that one of our main opponents down here were alliance mates at the start of the year. We have a number of former members of their’s in our corporation. It will be interesting to see how that works out. So far they look to have adopted Noir’s tactics, of skulking around in cloaked ships looking for solo ganks. When faced with a fair fight they ran away.


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