All is lost

“But what are we going to do about those SBUs?”

The question stopped conversation in the channel. There was an uneasy silence.


“What? You mean we’ve spent all of our time here for nothing?”

“Not quite, but its time to bug out.”

Another pregnant pause.

“Where to?”

“Initially 0-G. This is just a staging post though, keep your eye out for further directions.”

Sorry for the lack of updates recently but its been difficult to blog when we’ve been involved in a sov war. The main issue is that anything blogged could potentially have contained information that would have been useful to our enemies. In fact information was kept so tight that at times it was difficult to tell exactly what was going on. Well, that and the fact that I’ve not been able to get on much for personal reasons.

So here we are in Stain and planning to stay. Its a bit different from holding sov in our rented systems. Its going to take a while getting used to the fact that the reds/neuts can dock in the same stations as we can. Its going to take a little while to ge the market and my hanger restocked, but thats always the case when you move somewhere new.

What happened? Well, in the end our landlords proved to be unable, or unwilling, to defend space against Red Alliance and Pandemic Legion. We helped as much as we could but, without the backing of Atlas, we weren’t able to hold onto space. There were a number of kills, a few good fights, a lot of lag, and finally a relocation.

The result is lessons learned. I really need to get myself a carrier capable pilot to help with EVAC. I’d have been in a much better state if either I had one, or I’d have been online when both evacs were discussed.

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