What’s in my hanger

This was a meme I missed but I’ve seen it resurrected on a couple of blog so thought I’d take part this time. My current hanger contents are as follows:

Ares – Fast tackling interceptor. I know this ship is somewhat of a joke in some parts, the suggestions on our forum is to buy a Taranis or train a different race. I quite like it though. Yes, its limited, but in a gang its quick and can be configured to have decent scan resolution.

Eris – This has seen a fair bit of use in our gate camps and fleet action. Its rigged for speed and fit with a shield buffer to guard against bombs. I’ve single and double bubble fits depending on the gang composition I’m with. I usually fit an armour rep drone instead of DPS.

Arazu – I’ve two of these. One is fit as a fast tackler for camping/roaming. The other is a more traditional long point, damping, armour tanked gank fit. I’ve been using this more and more as my skills have improved. I still need to get to Recon V before I use it more than the Ares or Eris though.

Dominix – This is fit as an RRBS with T2 sentry drones. I use it in this fit for ratting/plexing. Its not the best fit for PVE, but with the current level of activity in the area ratting in a PVP fit ship feels safer. The T2 sentry drones are the business.

Brutix – I’ve two of these. One is fit for range, 250mm rails with a minimal tank. The other is blaster fit for DPS, with a more substantial tank. They’ve both seen a bit of action in recent weeks.

Lachesis – I bought one, fit for range. I’ve not had a use for it yet.

Onerios – This is cap stable with four large remote armour repairers. Its yet to see use as we’ve not had an RR fleet since I bought it. It’ll be interesting to see how it performs.

Iteron III – I never spent the time to be able to fly a larger industrial ship. This is just about large enough for me to be able to do anything I need transport wise. I guess at some point I should train for industrial V but at the moment combat skills take precedence and in more peaceful times the Orca can haul more.

Ishkur/Enyo – I have one of each of these in my hanger. The Ishkur is the longest lived of the ships in my hanger, I’ve had it for over 12 months now. Neither of them seem to see much action these days, though I did take the Ishkur into a wormhole a little while ago for old times sake.

Helios – Standard scanning cov ops with combat probes and a long point. This hasn’t seen much use as we have better scanning pilots in the corp.

Orca/Hulk – I have an Orca, with a Hulk in the maintenance bay, but to be honest neither have them have done anything in the last 3 months. No, that’s no quite true I’ve used the Orca once as a hauler, and mined for a couple of hours one day in the Hulk. At the moment mining just doesn’t seem the best use of time when trying to make ISK.

I’ve also a collection of T1 Gallente cruisers, one of each I think, but they don’t see that much use now, and a set of T1 Gallente cruisers for cheap throwaway tackle.

The next ship I’m looking to get is a Sniper HAC, but getting a decent Gallente one seems to be an issue. I reckon I’ll just get an Ishtar and use T2 drones. After that I’m looking at an EOS, but I won’t have the skills for another couple of months to take full advantage of it.


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