Closing In

The tally had been going well recently. The conflict over space had certainly brought more targets our way.

“Fenir, tackled in G-Q. Probably bringing colonisation equipment”

I checked the charts. It was two systems away and would make a perfect 100th kill in corp.

The closing in referred to in the title is my 100th kill with the corp, sadly the Fenir logged deep into structure and got away from me. Nevermind, there will be others. I want to talk a little bit about kills, and a little about killboards and the pressure they exert.

I’ve probably mentioned before that our corp has a monthly killmail requirement. If its not met then you have to justify your continued membership. One of the reasons for this is to help weed out lazy spies, another is that it stops people shirking their responsibilities. We need to defend our space in 0.0 so everybody fights.

In recent months I’ve been doing pretty well in terms of kills, and making my quota easily. In fact I’ve already exceeded the quota for August. This concentration on getting kills does lead to a little bit of killboard mania. The first call after a fight is for who has the killmails and for them to get them posted. The various tables of top killers, top scorers, etc. do add a bit of spice to the process. The question is whether the important thing is the appearance on the killboard, or the playing the game. There is a degree of killmail whoring going on, with people racing across space just to get a single shot and get on the mail, to bolster their figures.

I’d like to think that I don’t do that. That I’m more just part of the gang that’s trying to achieve our objectives, and that the kills are an incidental by-product of that. Sometimes though, like the dash for the Fenir, I’m not so sure. In that case it could have been that if enough of us, looking to get on the mail, had got their early enough the pilot wouldn’t have had the option to log. The extra DPS would have taken them down. So is this whoring, or just good piloting?


2 Responses to “Closing In”

  1. A little of both, I think. Everybody likes to feed the killboard, even if they won’t admit it (except me, I don’t — really — well okay maybe a little).

    But when you find yourself doing things that bore you to death just to feed the killboard, you know it’s whoring.

    I was once in a corporation that required a certain amount of kills per month. I left. They did not do fun PvP, instead they massed as many pilots as possible and camped gates. Boring.

  2. The number of killmails required isn’t all that high. Its a number that anyone should be able to get without any trouble as long as they are participating to some degree.

    Action at the moment is a mixture of roams, system camps, and defensive actions. Its a nice mix that involves using differing tactics and a good selection of ships.

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