Sov Wars

“Enemy fleet enroute.  Thirty strong, HACs, logistics, dictors, and one unknown”.

We prepared to undock. Rationalising that its better to be in space and able to react than be stuck in station.

“Fleet has arrived on the gate. Jumping”

“Unknown ship is a Crane. Repeat. Unknown ship is a Crane.”

A HAC fleet with a blockade runner? That could only mean one thing. Our system was under siege.

As most people are probably aware there is currently a war on for the sovereignty of Insmother. As this is the first large scale war for space that I’ve been involved in since the change to the sov mechanics I’ve found it interesting to see them in action.

Without doubt the new mechanics have led to a more fluid battlefield. Systems have switched sov reasonably often and without the same level of tedium as the old POS bashing. Yes, there’s still some bashing going on, but generally its not quite as bad.

The most intesting thing I’ve seen though is the use of SBUs to distract defenders. Even though the assault has been mainly on C-J6MT in recent weeks, the enemy fleets have been dropping SBUs in other strategic systems to try and deflect the forces of the defending fleets. The majority of these appear to have had no backup sieging fleet, so they are just a distraction. One, however, that cannot be ignored. It has been these, decoy SBUs, that have seen systems swap sov often.

It will be interesting to see how things progress. My initial view on the sov mechanics in a war are positive though. We just need to prepare our own SBUs to strike back…


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