Lag … the problem without a solution

Well that was interesting, a cap and super-cap fight in C-J6MT. Things have been building for a while since the collapse of Primary. and the fail of HTA. RED and allies have decided that they want Insmother back and are prepared to deploy a lot of hardware to get it.

What has this got to do with lag? During the fight, to use a loose description, there were over 1100 ships in C-J6MT. Around 750 in the RED fleet and the remainder in Atlas and allies. CCP were alerted to the fight and we were on a reinforced node. Load times, getting into the system, were high. Grid loading time, overview updates weren’t bad. Control, that was impossible. Flying an Eris with a brief of bubbling caps and super caps I managed to drop five bubbles in an hour and a half. I’ll repeat that. Five bubbles in an hour and a half!

I could navigate, to some extent. Warping off was possible. Using the modules on my ship more than once was impossible. I’d turned everything off. No brackets, no effects, zoomed right out, overview showing the sub-set of ships I was interested in, modules with auto-repeat turned off. Still, once I’d used them once they continually cycled around trying to de-activate. Unlike others in the fight though, I’m not going to complain about the lag.

CCP doesn’t have a chance to fix lag once and for all. All they can do is raise the bar, and improve the way that things degrade, but they can’t fix it. I’ll go back to my first paragraph. There were over 1100 pilots in space, most of them on the same grid. If CCP improved things so that performance was fine with 1100 pilots, then the next battle would have 2000. This is an arms race that they cannot win.

In the end I lost my ship. Not to lag specifically. I should have warped out after dropping the bubble on the Avatar rather than looking for smaller ships to kill with my defective guns. So my bad. It was an interesting way to go though. I’ve never been hit by a doomsday before. A small victory was that I got my pod out.


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