Thinking about it simplistically, I’m no economics expert, but won’t PI lead to inflation?

The NPC seeded goods provided an ISK sink. Removal of these will increase the amount of ISK in circulation. With more passive income people won’t be as bothered about finding the best possible price in a region, and as such prices will be able to creep upward.


3 Responses to “Inflation?”

  1. As I understand it, EVE current problem (according to their resident economist) is deflation. If PI does cause inflation then it will only offset the deflation that is already in the system.

  2. Well this is a fairly risky way to address it. Turning the entire economy over to the inhabitants of New Eden. Its going to be interesting to see what they do should it swing things the other way.

    My understanding is that increased money supply = devaluation = inflation. Of course if the player base increases massively then it will offset the inflationary impact.

  3. paritybit Says:

    There are so many things in flux that I don’t think you can look at this in isolation as an inflation driver.

    Insurance has just been changed; battleships are no longer “free” and insurance fraud is gone.

    There are new blueprints to buy, that money leaves the game.

    More industrial ships will be lost interacting with low-sec and null-sec customs offices.

    I think we’ll have to wait until the dust settles to see where we stand on inflation/deflation.

    Also, the theory (speaking of dust) is that the planetary buildings will eventually be destroyable (or losable?).

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