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HALP! I’m being PVPed

Posted in Character, EVE Online with tags on June 5, 2010 by Baa

“Mayday! Mayday! Two frigates have me locked down.”, The message blinked red on the console.


“Belt 1”

A quick glance at the system match shows five belt 1s.

“Confirm location”

“Belt 1! Belt 1!”

I point the Taranis class interceptor towards the first belt in the system and engage the warp drive.

Our alliance has a set of standing orders for care-bearing in our pocket. The main ones are; be on voice comms, be in a fleet, and get safe if hostiles enter the system.

I’d been ratting, trying to replace my losses after losing another BS, and was just picking up the loot and salvaging my wrecks when a neutral showed up in system. According to intel he had a friend in the next system, both were flying FotM. I warped to the station and swapped my salvage boat for an interceptor.

I got to a safe spot and chatted on vent to see if we could get a handle on the hostiles. The corp chat tab flashed. “Under attack in belt 1”. I asked which belt, but got belt 1 again. Five belt 1s in the system, so I headed for the first.

I arrived to see a Hurricane under attack from both enemy ships and a couple of friendlies arriving. We were all on the warp in point for the belt. The battle was 50km away and getting further away. I switched on the MWD and headed for the nearest frigate. The Hurricane popped. I was closing on the nearest ship, almost into disruptor range when they started to burn off. I overloaded the MWD and disruptor and got a point. At this stage I was over 100km from the nearest friendlies, not much further and they’d be able to warp to me. A couple more friendlies arrived at the belt. The Dramiels both upped their speed, I reckon they must have overloaded too, got out of disruptor range and warped off. Intel reported them exiting the system and burning out of the constellation.

In the aftermath it turned out that our Hurricane pilot was on vent, but decided not to talk in vent, preferring to announce the attack in chat. If he’d announced the attack in vent we probably would have been their quicker. If he’d been in fleet we could have warped directly to him. Either of which would probably have resulted in us forcing off the Dramiels and not losing the Hurricane. Sometimes you can’t help people help themselves.



Posted in EVE Online with tags on June 4, 2010 by Baa

Thinking about it simplistically, I’m no economics expert, but won’t PI lead to inflation?

The NPC seeded goods provided an ISK sink. Removal of these will increase the amount of ISK in circulation. With more passive income people won’t be as bothered about finding the best possible price in a region, and as such prices will be able to creep upward.

Russian Roulette

Posted in EVE Online with tags on June 3, 2010 by Baa

Living in 0.0 can make jumping into systems interesting. Yes, we have intel channels so we should know if there are hostiles in the area, but if there’s no other friendlies in the system you are jumping into its a bit of a gamble. The sequence usually goes something like this:

  • Jump through
  • Hold breath
  • Check local
  • If there are hostiles on the gate hold cloak and weigh up the fight or flight options. Do you try and warp off or burn back to the gate.
  • If there are hostiles in system but none on the gate, well as well as can be determined with all the cloaky ships about, hold cloak and scan. Then work out the route through the system.

Its all part of the fun of scouting through systems. I don’t know about anyone else but evading gatecamp, or catching a lone ship on a gate, gives me quite a buzz.

Anyway, since Tyrannis, us Mac using pilots have had an additional wrinkle thrown into this sequence. At around the hold breath moment the EVE client crashes. Its then a mad scramble to relaunch it and log in. When we get back in we are in the system being jumped to. This makes me nervous, especially with the emergency warp changes. If I crash when jumping into a system will I appear on grid to a waiting gate camp? If so will I e-warp before they can lock me? If I e-warp then the first thing I’ll do when I log back in will be to warp back to the gate uncloaked, reducing my evasion options. I like the excitement, but I like to take a calculated risk, this introduction of a random chance event by CCP seems a bit like Russian Roulette.