Lag and other issues

We are at present suffering from some pretty bad lag issues with fleet battles. I’ve lost a couple of ships due to this in that month or so and it sucks. So what can we, and CCP do to combat lag?

From a pilots point of view. If you zoom right out, remove brackets, and fly off the overview, lag can be minimised. It still doesn’t disappear though, there is simply so much going on it seems that the client can’t cope. I think this is made worse because I’m on a Mac running OS X. I guess I could setup a boot camp partition and run in Windows for fleet ops and it might squeeze a bit more out. From reports though it wouldn’t solve the problem.

What can CCP do? I’m not about to say ‘fix it’. They are aware of the problem and its obvious that there is no simple solution to it. They need to keep gathering information and work towards finding a root cause. In the meantime what can they do now?

  • Advise people of optimal client settings to reduce lag.
  • Get the client to automatically scale back what it displays when it starts to lag. The key should be to stop the client lagging so much that its not able to respond. Regardless of what is going on it should be able to update the overview and allow you to perform actions. IMO the screen can go black as long as I can see the overview, switch tabs, and operate my ship.
  • Do something about the grid loading issue. The worst way to lose a ship is when you jump into a system and get a black screen for a few minutes and the next time the client updates you are sitting in a station. This fits with the de-sync issues. Don’t allow a ship to be targetted unless it get a response back saying that its loaded the grid successfully.

Now none of these are going to remove lag, but they may go some way to mitigating the negative impact. Lag, in a single shard universe, is not a problem that can be fixed. If CCP fix it for 50 v 50, then the fights will move to the next lag point. If they fix that, then they will move to the next lag point. This is always going to be the case.

A final note. If EVE Gate does expand to include market interaction, manufacture, etc its quite possible that this will have a positive impact on lag in the trading hubs.

[Footnote] Just lost a ship due to lag. As primary target I was being repped but we warped out. The priority seems to be, disable reps, take damage, warp. Didn’t survive that 🙂


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