Spacebook and future developments

Tyrannis seems to have been greated with by a general ‘meh’ by the EVE community. Sure there is some new content, but most people were looking for their favourite fault to be addressed. The only thing that seems to get general agreement is a lack of enthusiasm for EVE Gate, a-la Spacebook.

As some who has to work for a living, at a job that doesn’t allow clock round EVE play, I can see me making extensive use of it. The mail and calendar features that are currently available are ok but nothing special. I am encouraged by the move though because of what it signifies, which is an acknowledgment that there are aspects of EVE that can be managed outside of the client.

Regardless of what CCP do there is a limit to the number of players that the single shard approach can accommodate. CCP seem to have realised that they aren’t able to manage a large influx of players, but that there are other ways of expanding EVE. The obvious one is Dust. Its set in the EVE universe, will relate directly to matters in EVE, but isn’t EVE itself. I see EVE gate as the start of something similar.

How often do you login to EVE just to change your skill queue, or collect finished jobs, or contracts, or switch around orders? None of these thing require you to be sitting in a spaceship. They can all be carried out docked. So why can’t they be added to EVE Gate? On the plus side you’d only have to login if you were going to fly something. This would free up more slots in the shard for pilots. On the negative side you could probably run a Jita trader completely outside the game. Given that its just HTML the prospect for automated bots running the market would be a very real one. Still, isn’t that how commodities are traded in the real world?

One thing I’ve seen that people would like, and that I can’t see coming, is access to in game chat channels. I think that the facebook like wall is the replacement for corp chat in EVE Gate. Whilst it would be technically possible to access chat from outside, I’m not sure that this would either make sense or not provide too much of a drain on resources.


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