New Toon

I managed to sell my Hulk piloting industry alt for a decent amount so I’m under no pressure to grind for income. This is a good feeling. I can now play and just do what I want rather than having to fight for every ISK. This may change my attitude towards losses though. If its not as hard to earn will it make me more reckless?

To replace my Hulk alt I’m now training a new one. I’ve loading everything into memory and intelligence and am blitzing the learning skills. I except to have the tier 1 skills at 5 and the others at level 4 before the 100% speed bonus expires. Then on with industry skills again. Most of these seem to have memory and intelligence as their attributes so no need for a remap.

Whether I keep this alt will depend on how well the money lasts on my main. If it lasts I’ll keep training to get into a Jump Freighter, if not then I’ll sell once I get into a Hulk again.


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