Ares Adventures

“Interceptors jump. Find us a target”

I flashed the command to the gate to jump through. Coming through the other side I sat for a moment scanning the system. Nothing close, but a few signals in the distance.

“Nothing on scan. Warping to the outbound gate”

The Ares class interceptor flashed through the void and came out of warp beyond the intended target. A drag bubble on the gate. The overview flashed red. A single Executioner patrolling the bubble.

“Executioner locked and pointed. He’s all alone”

Having spent a while flying the Eris I’ve found that its become a bit redundant in the current gang setup that we have. We’ve more than likely got a HIC, with its controllable bubble, so time to pick a different ship. I’d tried an interceptor before and, as I’d had to boost the skill to get into the dictor, it seemed a good choice to try again.

Despite advice to the contrary, I’m currently trying to get to grips with flying an Ares. The fit I’m currently using is:

75mm Gatling Railgun II
75mm Gatling Railgun II
1MN Microwarpdrive II
Warp Disruptor II
Warp Scramber II
Damage Control II
Overdrive Injector System II
Signal Amplifier II
Signal Amplifier II
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Auxiliary Thrusters I

This gets me decent speed and agility and good lock times. The lock times are essential on the types of roams that we go on.

I’d managed to lose one trying to tackle a Cynabal (note to self: don’t do that), but with my recent riches I’m looking at losses as an opportunity to learn as much as anything. This was going to be a roam, rather than home defence though, so a different environment to test it.

The roam was designed to take 30 minutes. A trip to the nearest low-sec entrance and back. We burned out with 4 interceptors jumping ahead and looking for targets. A Loki just escaped our clutches, warping into us on a gate, but by the time we could re-approach and jump through it had gone.

In the next system there was a Munin sitting off the gate. It single volleyed one of our scouts and warped off as the rest of the fleet entered local.

We pressed on to the last system, with a few neutrals and reds noted along the way, and jumped in. There were plenty of neutrals in local but nothing on scan. The interceptors warped to the low-sec gate and landed in a bubble. There was a single Executioner, but with others in the same corp in system we expected reinforcements. We tackled the frigate and the rest of the fleet began their warp. Sadly missing an Iteron V that landed as they left.

The Executioner went down quickly. We waited for a few minutes, but nothing came to its aid. So back out the way we came. Again the interceptors led the way. About halfway back to safe space two of us warped to the out gate and into a bubble. This one had a Rifter, Jaguar, and Hurricane on it. I tried to burn out of the bubble but was scrambled and that was that. The other interceptor suffered the same fate. I did manage to get my pod home but as a roam it wasn’t our most successful.

So, at this point, April isn’t looking as successful as March. I’ve lost two ships compared to none in the whole of March. Still, I am learning from the losses, and flying interceptors is a lot of fun.


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