Noir and White

Well it looks as though Noir’s campaign against us has finished. There are no longer any active campaigns on their killboard, though this doesn’t necessarily mean anything as it disappeared before only to return when they got a decent kill. Which brings me nicely to the main topic of this entry. How much should people read into killboards?

We have an alliance killboard (see link at the side) which is reasonably accurate and up to date. Its used to help us gauge how we are doing as an alliance, but doesn’t really define our success. That is more reasonably measured by the fact that we are still in our constellation and still making ISK. So, in short, whilst fun it isn’t the be all and end all.

For a mercenary organisation like Noir its the definition of their success. As mercenaries its important to have a good killboard as its one of the places that prospective employers will look when deciding whether to employ you or someone else. Consequently there must be a temptation to massage the figures a little. On that topic we noticed that when Noir lost a Legion the campaign disappeared from their killboard. When we lost an Orca to them, the campaign came back. Based on our stats we are currently slightly ahead (57% at the time of posting) in our conflict. It may be that if we fall behind again that Noir will once again add the campaign to their killboard.

So a question to the other capsuleers out there. How much stock do you put into other organisations killboards, or indeed your own?


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