Moar Drones

A quick training update. My main is currently training Gallente Battleships IV, which will be followed by Sentry Drones V. I decided to get the extra BS level before finishing the push for T2 sentries as the brief (6d) diversion buys me a chunk more damage with the T1 sentries with my Dominix. I wanted this before queuing the longer (24d) skill.

My industry alt is working on Refining V, before starting on Refining Efficiency and Metallurgy so that I can get access to all T2 crystals. The plan, at the moment, is to get up to Exhumers V with all T2 crystals then use the account to build toons to sell. Looking at the prices on the EVE Online Forums it’s possible to fund both of my accounts from farming toons and buying PLEXes. That’s without making anything playing. Which is ok, it leaves that income for ships.


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