Mercenaries Ahoy!

How fun. I logged on this morning, just to do a bit of industry I’ve RL demands this weekend, to find that we’ve a merc corp trying to camp us. What fun. We don’t have to roam to find targets they bring them to us!

We’re pretty sure we know who set them on us. A former alliance corp leader that was kicked after trying to scam everyone. To be honest though, that doesn’t matter.

What is funny is how inept they are. After having months of Red Alliance and Solar Fleet visiting we’ve got pretty good at dealing with organised gangs coming in. Ok, so we do lose a fleet every now and then, but we don’t give them easy kills and only engage when we want to. So what did this great merc corp bring. A couple of HACs, a flavour of the month Cynabal, three dictors, a stealth bomber and a few Recons. Not exactly a fleet to strike terror into anything but a solo ship.

How have they done so far? Well they lost a loaded Rapier trying to get it out to us, a Sabre trying to get out to us, and a Munin. In return they’ve got. Well, nothing that has anything to do with us. They have managed to kill a couple of ships in the region but nothing related to us. Oh, a couple of the kills have the comment of ‘scout’ on them. I reckon they are trying to claim that they are related to us so that they get paid for them. Really though, who would go scouting in this? So this is their current campaign.

Frankly I’m disappointed. I would have expected more from Nior.

PS. Sorry Hallan I enjoy reading your blog but this isn’t a good showing so far.

PPS. To whoever looks after the Nior website there is a broken link on your front page.


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