The Chase

“Hold on the gate.”, the order from Fleet Commander Dark intruded into the darkness of my pod.

I relayed the order and wondered if the other capsuleers preferred the dark or lit their pods?

“Jump”. I relayed the command without thinking.

The gate fired and I felt that odd feeling of being in limbo before, once again, the stars came into view.

Scanning quickly the gate was clear, but long range sensor detected hostile ships.

“Hold cloak and re-approach gate on my mark”

Still nothing visible from my spot above the gate.


I’d not had a decent EVE session for a week or so, just 30 minutes here and there doing housekeeping stuff and killing the occasional rat. So I’d planned to set aside a chunk of time to set about making myself rich again. I got onto vent and started the process of getting into EVE. Hmmm .. there are a view people in a fleet channel. What’s up?

I soon found out. Defensive roam. There are two red fleets in the area and there is a fleet up to take the fight to them before they get to us. The call is for remote repping battleships so I dust off the Dominix and make my way to the rendezvous point.

Before long I am part of a 16 ship fleet heading out towards the edge of our safe space trying to make contact with one of two enemy fleets. The numbers we have for them are 17 and 30 but although they outnumber us they are composed of lighter ships so we think that it might be tricky, especially the 30 ship fleet, but its a risk worth taking.

Flight time is slow, heavily laden BS don’t align and warp that fast, but we steadily make our way towards the contact area. Intel keeps putting the red fleets a few jumps away and our scouts are struggling to make contact. The larger fleet is heading for home so we abandon that chase and concentrate on the other. The scout reports them sitting at optimals two systems away. It looks like they are going to make a fight of it!

We move closer. One system away. They are still sitting at optimals. We warp to the gate and wait. There is a blue fleet in the area. The two FCs discuss the options and we head to a different gate and jump. Then another warp and jump and we are in the same system as the enemy but at a different gate. We gather on the gate. I’ve got all of the other BS and logistics in remote rep range.

Suddenly a Sabre flashes onto the grid and warps into the gate. A bubble is dropped and the Sabre melted. First kill of the roam. The overview starts to turn red as the red fleet warps in at 100k off the gate. They start drifting into range and picking targets. I check my watchlist and keep switching targets with my reps.

The FC starts calling targets. “Ishtar, at 70k”. I lock the target and direct my Sentry drones to unleash their fury. The Ishatar gets into armour then moves out of target range, and warps off. “Vagabond”. The the process is repeated. We target, engage, damage is taken on both sides and they warp off. Its a stalemate of sorts. A Munin comes in a little too close. He’s targets and cap drained before the can warp off. The fleet unloads on him and he melts. Back to the approach, damage, warp off again. This continues for a little while. All we’ve lost are a few light ships, tacklers brought on for the ride.

The gate fires and a blue fleet enter the fray. This is too much for the reds, they scatter and warp to safe spots. A brief attempt is made to re-engage but we have no combat probes so this is ultimately fruitless. The order is given to burn back home.

After the kill mails come in, we lost two frigates and an interceptor and killed a Sabre and a Munin. I also managed to take a ship out and bring it back in one piece. I did manage to leave a set of sentry drones, but I have blueprints so it was no great loss.


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