Lock tractor beams!

There’s no doubt that EVE is a sandbox environment but that doesn’t stop there being some odd inconsistencies within it. Take tractor beams for instance.

These would seem to operate by applying a force to the object to pull it towards you. The odd thing is that there is an absolute range and you can only tractor friendly cans. It would make for some more interesting if they worked in a way more attuned to the underlying physics.

In terms of range. This would be better if the force deteriorated over distance. So you could tractor things further away but the force would be less and consequently so would the speed. That could just be the start though. How about being able to tractor anything you can target, including ships? The results being determined by the relative mass of the two objects involved.

A ship could lock onto an asteriod and pull itself towards it. A large ship might be able to move small asteroids. All sorts of possibilies open up. One thing that does seem in need to changing is the inability to tractor cans that don’t belong to you. It just doesn’t make sense.


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