Morning Stabber

“Just a couple more belts, then back to salvage”, I thought, scanning through the new channels in search of something as my drones easily dispatched the Angels I’d found in the asteriod belt.

“Hang on.”. A new ship had appeared on grid. It was red and closing in. Where had that come from?

Fleet Stabber was the response to the identification query. “Interesting, I’ve not seen one before.”. Decision time. Fight or flee?

It was early in the morning. I’d got out of bed, made a coffee, stuck the TV on the new channel, and logged in to check a few things and generate a few ISK. I’d looked at mining but we still had a neutral stealth bomber pilot with a cyno sitting in the system with my mining gear so decide to rat in my home system instead.

The plan was simple. Jump out, clear two or three belts, then back to the station for the salvage boat. Should be able to get 5-10 mil and enough salvage and loot to put some more rigs in the oven. By the time I’d done this I’d be awake and I could get ready for work.

I was on the second belt and only had Angel Trashers left when the Fleet Issue Stabber appeared on grid. I starred at it for a moment wondering where it had come from. It was in local, I must have been distracted by the TV and not noticed. I know, I should give it my full attention, but really, its breakfast time. Any what to do? I was in a ratting Megathron with drones out, it was a cruiser. No decision really, there may be others nearby. I hit warp and shot off towards the station, the benefit of ratting aligned.

Checking intel on the way I saw that he’d been reported six, and then three, systems away. Nothing on vent though, or in fleet, seems everyone was half asleep like me.

The fleet did expand and try and trap him in a couple more systems but that thing aligns almost instantly and we weren’t able to get a point. The end result, after replacing my drones, was a loss of a million ISK or so. It could have been much worse. Next time I’ll remember not to undock until after the first coffee of the day.


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