Selecting a path

Having a relatively young character (01-01-09) I’m constantly being faced with the dilemma of what to train next. A large number of the other players in my corp, and alliance, have age old characters that can do pretty much everything short of super caps. So when a roam is called for they are able to not only choose what ship type, but which race as well. I’m not only not at that point, I have a smaller selection of ship types to pick from. Which brings me to the point. What to train next?

I have begun an industry alt, so that removes one set of choices for my main. I am at a crossroads though. Do I fill out my drone skills, to maximise the performance of my RR Dominix, or train Cruiser V and work my way through the various T2 cruisers? On the one hand getting T2 Heavy and Sentry drones would vastly improve my DPS for RR fleets and ratting. On the other HACs, HICs, and Recons are far more sexy.

I can pretty much T2 fit the T2 cruisers I’ll be able to fly. The only issue would be the larger T2 drones for an Ishtar. I’ve sort of being heading that way having completed the pre-req skills for all but Logistics, but the drones keep nagging away.

There is another alternative. Buy a toon with the skills already trained. I’m a bit loathe to do that though. So far everything has been my own work and I’m somewhat proud of that. The buying another toon seems a bit like cheating.

Anyone have any advice?


2 Responses to “Selecting a path”

  1. Just my own thoughts and the method i used in determining skill training plans. Personally, I trained up the skills needed to use pretty much every T2 module (besides turrets) first. So I knew I would have a pretty decent array of choices when it came to defense modules first. After that I trained for T2 drones and T2 large weapons. And once that was complete, I got my gallante cruiser up to V and been training all the other skills to fly pretty much every T2 gallante cruiser and frig out there. (9 more days and I’ll be completely finished!) The extra skills you have to train for those will also be helping in making your BS just that much better as well so it’s worth it.

    This isn’t something I suggest to every player. It’s really dependant on what you want to do in the game but it certainly has worked for me.

  2. I think that’s what I was leaning towards. Though I might skip the T2 large weapons and go straight to T2 cruisers after getting all of the drone skills. I don’t really need the T2 large weapons for the fleet types I’m currently involved with. As with all things EVE related though, that may change.

    Thanks for the advice.

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