Terms of Engagement

“Hostiles approaching gate. Get to optimals”.

The ship turned slowly and began to pick up speed as the microwarp drive kicked in.

“Abort! Abort! Get back on the gate and align to the Sun.”

Damn. With the drive engaged the lumbering battlecruiser didn’t respond to direction changes very well.

Gate fire. Neutrals began popping into local.

“Warp to the sun. Allied force commander refuses to engage.”

It had been a typical roam out to the edge of 0.0. We’d found a little gate camp, killed a dictor, a interceptor and a cruiser and only lost the one ship ourselves. There didn’t seem to be many targets around that wanted to engage. So we headed back towards allied space where a couple of enemy roams had been reported.

One of these roams drew our interest. Outcast had a well organised (10 x BC, 4 x Logistics) fleet in our home system. Our FC didn’t want to engage with the fleet we had. We did want to keep an eye on their location though.

On the way back we came across a friendly fleet. A short conversation later and we were going to engage Outcast. We all burnt to a pipe system that they’d have to travel through and waited. Intel put them two jumps away. Then in the next system.

“Get to optimals”

A scout jumped through.

“Bubble up”, came the command from the FC. A cov ops appeared.

“Reapproach gate. Bubble down. Align to the sun”. The orders came in thick and fast.

“The blue FC refuses to engage. Warp off”.

More neutrals jumped into the system. A bubble went up trapping me on the gate. I jumped and managed to warp off. Our Broadsword pilot wasn’t as lucky.

After a brief spell of hide and seek the rest of the fleet made it home. All the time the inquest into what happened went on.

It turned out that the blue FC was under orders only to engage reds in our region. This wasn’t communicated until the scout jumped through and he saw the fleet we were targetting were neutral. We’d all been under the assumption that everyone in the area operated a NBSI policy.

There was a fair amount on animosity towards the blue FC, even though he compensated the Broadsword pilot. I look at it as a simple communications error and all part and parcel of living in 0.0.

Lesson learnt from the roam: Don’t bring a BC without fitting a sensor booster if you want any chance of getting in on smaller kills.


One Response to “Terms of Engagement”

  1. I take a fair amount of abuse of my abusing BC pilots ( esp Drakes) but you are very right SBII a MUST if not 2 X.

    Good hunting

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