Walls in Space

A red light flashed on the navicomp.
“Leaving alliance space”, it said.
“Well”, I thought, “there are no walls in space”, and triggered the star gate.

Now I know that there are certain precautions to take when travelling through nullsec. I really do. They are reinforced by the mockery whenever people are ganked whilst Lerorying through systems. There is still this nagging voice in my head though. Space is meant to be travelled. Not just on roams, but to collect things from distant stations, or just for the heck of it.

At the moment we are in a nice dead-end constellation. It’s secure. Well, secure-ish. We have stations but the larger market includes stations 6, 10, 11, and 17 jumps away. It’s possible to get good deals by shopping around. There are people in our space that, rather than risk the journey, are happy to buy in Jita and wait for things to be shipped down. In effect they put up walls.

I caught myself doing it the other day. I stopped myself. How could the person flew the Orca down be scared of 6 jumps? EVE is dangerous. On every trip there is the chance of losing everything. Great isn’t it?

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