And Everything Changed

The low hum of the life support system intrudes on my slumber. I try and stretch but something is restricting me. I scan recent memory. Damn. That doesn’t work as well as it used to. Oh. It’s a new rebirth.

My good intentions to keep up with the blogging lapsed. I couldn’t keep up with the tumult within EVEand RL and blog do something had to go. Things have settled down a little now though so we’ve time for a brief update before a rebirth.

Sadly we had another coup attempt within our 0.0 space. The end result being that we are still in residence but with a quite different make up of corps.

A number of compromises had to be made to accomplish this. Not least joining a different corp rather than remaining as CEO of my own. On balance, with everything else that’s be going on, this is probably a good thing.

Where do I go from here? Well, I hope to have tales of daring do to entertain and amuse. We shall see.


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