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Operation ISK

Posted in Character with tags , , on March 27, 2010 by Baa

I’m in need of ISK. A combination of not being able to be on for long, taking part in every roam going, and having to buy skill books to train up my industry alt has left me down to my last million or so. So this next week I’m going to have to concentrate on generating ISK.

The question is do I rat/plex with my main, or mine with a combination of my main and my alt? The decision would have been simple a few weeks ago. Mining the huge ABC rocks in the gravimetrics was a no-brainer. Now, with the drop in mineral prices, its not so simple. I’m still learning towards mining, now that my alt can finally fly a hulk, but will see how it goes.


Noir and White

Posted in Chronicle with tags , , , on March 25, 2010 by Baa

Well it looks as though Noir’s campaign against us has finished. There are no longer any active campaigns on their killboard, though this doesn’t necessarily mean anything as it disappeared before only to return when they got a decent kill. Which brings me nicely to the main topic of this entry. How much should people read into killboards?

We have an alliance killboard (see link at the side) which is reasonably accurate and up to date. Its used to help us gauge how we are doing as an alliance, but doesn’t really define our success. That is more reasonably measured by the fact that we are still in our constellation and still making ISK. So, in short, whilst fun it isn’t the be all and end all.

For a mercenary organisation like Noir its the definition of their success. As mercenaries its important to have a good killboard as its one of the places that prospective employers will look when deciding whether to employ you or someone else. Consequently there must be a temptation to massage the figures a little. On that topic we noticed that when Noir lost a Legion the campaign disappeared from their killboard. When we lost an Orca to them, the campaign came back. Based on our stats we are currently slightly ahead (57% at the time of posting) in our conflict. It may be that if we fall behind again that Noir will once again add the campaign to their killboard.

So a question to the other capsuleers out there. How much stock do you put into other organisations killboards, or indeed your own?

Moar Drones

Posted in Character with tags on March 21, 2010 by Baa

A quick training update. My main is currently training Gallente Battleships IV, which will be followed by Sentry Drones V. I decided to get the extra BS level before finishing the push for T2 sentries as the brief (6d) diversion buys me a chunk more damage with the T1 sentries with my Dominix. I wanted this before queuing the longer (24d) skill.

My industry alt is working on Refining V, before starting on Refining Efficiency and Metallurgy so that I can get access to all T2 crystals. The plan, at the moment, is to get up to Exhumers V with all T2 crystals then use the account to build toons to sell. Looking at the prices on the EVE Online Forums it’s possible to fund both of my accounts from farming toons and buying PLEXes. That’s without making anything playing. Which is ok, it leaves that income for ships.

Mercenaries Ahoy!

Posted in Chronicle with tags , , , on March 20, 2010 by Baa

How fun. I logged on this morning, just to do a bit of industry I’ve RL demands this weekend, to find that we’ve a merc corp trying to camp us. What fun. We don’t have to roam to find targets they bring them to us!

We’re pretty sure we know who set them on us. A former alliance corp leader that was kicked after trying to scam everyone. To be honest though, that doesn’t matter.

What is funny is how inept they are. After having months of Red Alliance and Solar Fleet visiting we’ve got pretty good at dealing with organised gangs coming in. Ok, so we do lose a fleet every now and then, but we don’t give them easy kills and only engage when we want to. So what did this great merc corp bring. A couple of HACs, a flavour of the month Cynabal, three dictors, a stealth bomber and a few Recons. Not exactly a fleet to strike terror into anything but a solo ship.

How have they done so far? Well they lost a loaded Rapier trying to get it out to us, a Sabre trying to get out to us, and a Munin. In return they’ve got. Well, nothing that has anything to do with us. They have managed to kill a couple of ships in the region but nothing related to us. Oh, a couple of the kills have the comment of ‘scout’ on them. I reckon they are trying to claim that they are related to us so that they get paid for them. Really though, who would go scouting in this?┬áSo this is their current campaign.

Frankly I’m disappointed. I would have expected more from Nior.

PS. Sorry Hallan I enjoy reading your blog but this isn’t a good showing so far.

PPS. To whoever looks after the Nior website there is a broken link on your front page.

Hot Drop

Posted in Chronicle with tags , , on March 19, 2010 by Baa

“I have a Drake tackled on the outbound gate”

“Everyone warp to outbound. Get points and all DPS on the Drake”

I’d just jumped on to do a little salvaging, the people ratting in our systems in general leave the wrecks lying around. I wasn’t planning on doing much more as I’d been in the pub after work and was a little the worse for it. Still, the call went out to join a roam and, as it was leaving in five minutes, I jumped into the Eris and joined the rest of the fleet forming up on the gate. There were a few comments about the wisdom of having a drunken ‘dictor pilot but seemed ok about it.

We headed off toward Solar Wind space, hoping to catch a few ratters at the end of their day. We did find one or two in system but they were all safe behind POS shields so we had to press on. Searching for another system we settled on N-RAEL. There’s always someone to shoot their, and at the time we shouldn’t find a big enough fleet to deter the small fleet we had.

As we started a neutral ship jumped into our system. The ship scanner showed a Scimitar. That would make a nice kill. It was approaching the gate we were on and I jumped though and popped out a bubble. The Scimitar was caught in and the rest of our fleet jumped in. We had a point and it was taking damage. Unable to warp away it burnt back to the gate and jumped. We’d left one tackler on the other side of the gate, and again the Scimitar was pointed and burned back to the gate. Again he jumped, burned back and jumped. Finally the ping-pong ended when he de-cloaked near the edge of the bubble and managed to warp off. Our first engagement, and a distinct lack of success.

We entered UD-A0K, one jump out from N-RAEL, and warped to the exit. Our scout jumped through and started looking for targets. At the same time a neutral, that we’d noticed in a few systems on the way, jumped in. We got onto the gate, in flashed a rifter. He hadn’t warped to zero and was obviously trying to align to warp away. We flashed after him, MWD burning. our Interceptor pilot got a point and I got a lock. I triggered my gatlings into action and they spewed spike at the rifter. The combined assault chewed through his shield, armour and finally structure. The pod managed to escape for the time being.

We regrouped back on the gate to wait out the aggro timer. Our scout was reporting a collection of battlecruisers in N-RAEL. Myrmidon, Hurricane, Drake, Harbinger. As our timer ran out we heard. “Cane and Harbinger on gate. I have a point on the Cane.”. We jumped through and headed for the Hurricane. Again the gatlings opened up and spewed death across the void of space. The Harbinger was locked as well, but seeing the rate at which the Hurricane was going down it warped off before we could get a point. The Hurriance went down, but the pod escaped. We were doing well, two kills and no losses. Not even any real damage.

Flush with success our scout warped off to the Konora gate and found a Drake sitting just off the gate. There was a drag bubble but he managed to approach and tackle it. We all warped in, got sucked in and burned towards the Drake.

That’s odd. The Harbinger and a Myrmidon were sitting 250km away and not interfering. They were a different corp though, so perhaps they didn’t want to take a chance. We all engaged the Drake. We had a point so I didn’t drop a bubble. We slowly ate into the Drakes shields.

“Cyno!”. What? A cyno. Where?

WTF! Where did all of these ships appear from. We’d been hot dropped by what appeared to be a Titan bridge.

“Warp out. Everyone disengage and try to get safe”

I picked a celestial in line and hit warp. Already at speed I managed to escape before getting pointed. I hopped around the system a little, almost snagging a Badger but I decided not to risk it with that many ships in system. Finally I got close to the out gate and with nothing on scan made a run for it.

I’d escaped, but I was one of the few lucky ones. The majority of our little fleet had been lost. What had started out as a promising roam had ended in disaster. Still a lesson has been learned. When you find a Drake sitting on a gate not attempting to get away, leave it alone.

Set kills to 12

Posted in Character with tags on March 19, 2010 by Baa

My burgeoning PVP skills know no bounds. I’d set myself a modest target of 10 kills this month, knowing that I’d have limited time online. So far I’m up to 12, and I’ve yet to lose a ship.

The Chase

Posted in Chronicle with tags , , on March 17, 2010 by Baa

“Hold on the gate.”, the order from Fleet Commander Dark intruded into the darkness of my pod.

I relayed the order and wondered if the other capsuleers preferred the dark or lit their pods?

“Jump”. I relayed the command without thinking.

The gate fired and I felt that odd feeling of being in limbo before, once again, the stars came into view.

Scanning quickly the gate was clear, but long range sensor detected hostile ships.

“Hold cloak and re-approach gate on my mark”

Still nothing visible from my spot above the gate.


I’d not had a decent EVE session for a week or so, just 30 minutes here and there doing housekeeping stuff and killing the occasional rat. So I’d planned to set aside a chunk of time to set about making myself rich again. I got onto vent and started the process of getting into EVE. Hmmm .. there are a view people in a fleet channel. What’s up?

I soon found out. Defensive roam. There are two red fleets in the area and there is a fleet up to take the fight to them before they get to us. The call is for remote repping battleships so I dust off the Dominix and make my way to the rendezvous point.

Before long I am part of a 16 ship fleet heading out towards the edge of our safe space trying to make contact with one of two enemy fleets. The numbers we have for them are 17 and 30 but although they outnumber us they are composed of lighter ships so we think that it might be tricky, especially the 30 ship fleet, but its a risk worth taking.

Flight time is slow, heavily laden BS don’t align and warp that fast, but we steadily make our way towards the contact area. Intel keeps putting the red fleets a few jumps away and our scouts are struggling to make contact. The larger fleet is heading for home so we abandon that chase and concentrate on the other. The scout reports them sitting at optimals two systems away. It looks like they are going to make a fight of it!

We move closer. One system away. They are still sitting at optimals. We warp to the gate and wait. There is a blue fleet in the area. The two FCs discuss the options and we head to a different gate and jump. Then another warp and jump and we are in the same system as the enemy but at a different gate. We gather on the gate. I’ve got all of the other BS and logistics in remote rep range.

Suddenly a Sabre flashes onto the grid and warps into the gate. A bubble is dropped and the Sabre melted. First kill of the roam. The overview starts to turn red as the red fleet warps in at 100k off the gate. They start drifting into range and picking targets. I check my watchlist and keep switching targets with my reps.

The FC starts calling targets. “Ishtar, at 70k”. I lock the target and direct my Sentry drones to unleash their fury. The Ishatar gets into armour then moves out of target range, and warps off. “Vagabond”. The the process is repeated. We target, engage, damage is taken on both sides and they warp off. Its a stalemate of sorts. A Munin comes in a little too close. He’s targets and cap drained before the can warp off. The fleet unloads on him and he melts. Back to the approach, damage, warp off again. This continues for a little while. All we’ve lost are a few light ships, tacklers brought on for the ride.

The gate fires and a blue fleet enter the fray. This is too much for the reds, they scatter and warp to safe spots. A brief attempt is made to re-engage but we have no combat probes so this is ultimately fruitless. The order is given to burn back home.

After the kill mails come in, we lost two frigates and an interceptor and killed a Sabre and a Munin. I also managed to take a ship out and bring it back in one piece. I did manage to leave a set of sentry drones, but I have blueprints so it was no great loss.