From The Ashes

I knocked on the door and waited.

I’d never been in this part of the station before so hoped I’d found the right place. Strictly speaking, with no docking rights, I was supposed to be confined to the docking ring. A few ISK here and there seemed to work though, and I was pretty sure I wasn’t followed. The door opened, and I was ushered inside.

I nodded to my fellow CEOs as I entered the low room. Why do stations always have places like this, low ceilings and minimal lighting.

“Gentlemen”, a voice came from the shadow, “you understand that I am here in only a semi-official capacity. That none of this is on the record?”

Mumbles to the affirmative came from the assembled group.

“We agree in principle to your rental of this system. This to be confirmed by a full meeting of my council and after the deposit of the agreed sum. We will provide you access to our live intelligence feed but apart from that you are on your own.

“Aside from that, I have been request to ask you not to aggress your former alliance members.”, there was a slight hesitation, “Of course, now that I’ve passed on the message it’s entirely up to you how you proceed”.

It hadn’t taken long. A couple of days after the collapse of the old alliance and new one sprung into life. Well, in actuality it was an old one that was resurrected with a different set of members, but the end result was the same.

Contact was made with the large alliance who owned the space we are currently in regarding the situation in general, how we could normalise relations between ourselves and them, and what we could do about having somewhere to call home. The end result was an agreement to rent a system, and eventually the station it contained. This would be at a hefty monthly fee, with an amount payable now to cover to the end of the month.

So more fees, payable now. I’d asked for the money back from our previous alliance and was told “sure”. So far nothing has materialised so I’m not holding out any hope for it. The only way to pay it was to sell some stuff and make a personal donation. I think I’m about even with the corp now, it having bought my Orca.

So looking forward we have a solid alliance, containing people we can trust, in a decent system in 0.0 with ongoing rights to exploit it. The only complication is that, with the publicity around the demise of the previous alliance, a bunch of reds have decided to take a bit more interest in our system making mining and ratting a little risky. Combined with the fact that the other corporations are still re-locating it looks as though paying the next bill could be interesting.


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