I thumbed the comms link again

“You do not have access to that channel”, came the response. I tried the intel channel

“You do not have access to that channel”

Then I saw the blinking of the mailbox.

“The alliance thanks you for your contribution, but regrets to inform you that your corporations goals are no longer compatible with our own.”

“Hmm”, I thought, “I bet they are happy with the contribution. Happy with the money we just paid them to help with the rent too.”

I tried to connect with the alliance CEO.

“Communications with this individual are blocked.”

This had all started a couple of days earlier. The latest alliance bill due in a couple of weeks, but this time it was decided to collect the money early. A simple calculation of x million per corporation member. No real problems with that, an houring ratting or mining each would earn that. The only complication being the short notice. There were only two days to raise it.

The first hint of trouble was that 24 hours before the deadline. Suddenly the systems were full of neutrals. The problem with that being that I needed to move the ore to sell it to be able to pay the bill. It wouldn’t be safe to move it with that many potential hostiles around.

I looked again. Hang on, most of these neutrals. No, all of these neutrals, belonged to other corporations in our alliance. A quick check. We were still in the alliance. Why weren’t these guys. I jumped into the alliance chat,

“What is going on?”.

“A number of corporations have been kicked from the alliance for non-payment of dues?”, was the response.

“Erm, but they aren’t due until tomorrow are they?”

“Well no, but they’ve been kicked anyway”.

I tried to contact a couple of the CEOs of the kicked corporations. So a conference call was underway. With going into detail it seems that the alliance CEO had decided to kick out a number of corporations because they hadn’t paid. When it was explained that the money wasn’t due until the next day he’d apparently said it was just a mistake and it would all be rectified if they just reapplied. Needless to say the general feeling wasn’t good. This sort of mistake could hamper us consolidating our position.

A conversation was had concerning the leadership of the alliance and that perhaps it would be better to make a change to someone that wouldn’t make these sorts of mistakes. The other CEOs would be sounded out about how they would feel about it. Nothing would be done yet though.

There were now reds in cluster and, with the uncertain nature position of most of our allies, flushing them wasn’t going to happen. This meant no opportunity to move the ore. Which meant that the corporation would be short of funds for its portion of the bill. I checked my balance, chatted with the COO, and combined with what was currently in the corp we’d have just enough. I paid the bill then, with downtime approaching, I logged off.

I came back a number of hours later and dropped straight in the alliance directors chat channel. I saw the end of a conversation.

“They were asking me about sponsoring a different corporation as executor”

“That’s it! I’ve had enough. It’s over. I’m disbanding the alliance”

Seconds later the mail icon blinked. The alliance mail tab had gone and there was a message saying the the war that we’d been in as part of the alliance, was over. I checked the corporation details and there it was. We were no longer in an alliance.

I asked what had happened. No reply.

I got in contact with a number of the other CEOs. They were out of the alliance as well. Everyone.

So here we are stuck in a station in nullsec, with no docking rights and well over a billion ISK worth of ships and equipment. We are also broke, all of our ISK is tied up in assets or ore. Oh and we are quite a few million ISK out of pocket to an alliance that we are no longer a member of Still, it could be worse. Most of the decent pilots in our former alliance are in the same boat. Time to see what we can do together about saving something from the situation.


4 Responses to “Betrayal”

  1. ouch! what alliance were you in?

  2. fucking pissed about it esk but alteast things have been sorted out and we have decent leaders. i would follow void and the others into a shit storm haha

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