Re-learning the rules

I transfer to the hauler and check the fitting. The shipyard has done a good job stabilising the warp engines. It looks good for a trip through any space.

I check the traffic reports. A single red in system, but he’s not going to be on the gate I’m heading to. It doesn’t lead anywhere.

It’s been a while since I’ve lived in 0.0 space, and the previous time I was very wet behind the ears. Still it shouldn’t take me this long to learn the rule. Don’t undock if there are reds in system.

So I didn’t listen. I thought that I could get through. I launched my Iteron II from the dock, warped to the gate to the next system. Saw the red, an Arazu. No problem I thought I’ve two stabs on here, I’ll jump through and even if he follows I’ll be able to warp off and dock.

Sadly it didn’t work that way. The Arazu had enough points to overcome the warp stabs and all I could do was sit there and go pop. I spammed warp as the hull disintegrated around me and managed to dock. Lesson learned, well sort of.


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