Orca Odyssey

The vat opened and I blinked at the harsh light flooding in, my new eyes struggling to work the new muscles around them.

“Welcome to Mitton’s. I hope you enjoy your stay. You’ll find the clothes you left hanging in the cupboard to the right. We are glad to be of service.”

I got accustomed to the feeling of a newly revived body. Something was different. I felt less alert, less focussed. Ah the implants. That was reason for the jump. To preserve the implants.

I dressed and headed to the waiting shuttle. Checking the traffic stats, this should be an easy trip.

The plan was to travel down the pipe through 0.0 space to recover the Orca we had docked in the last low-sec system. The Orca had been docked there for a couple of weeks whilst we waited for our space in 0.0 to be secured. Now that that was done it was time to bring the Orca up. I decided to avoid the slot around downtime as I’ve been caught out before by a quickly established gate camp.

I set the destination and un-docked. A mere 18 jumps through 0.0 space, half of which I was unlikely to find friendlies in. In a shuttle and a bare clone there wasn’t too much at risk so I bounced from gate to gate, taking note of how many were in each system. Not a bad trip, a couple of reds, a couple of neutrals. No one on any of the gates I was using though. Perhaps this would work.

I docked at my destination, spotting that the only other resident of the system was also in the station. Quickly shifted to the Orca, unloaded the expensive T2 ships from the ship maintenance bay, if I was going to risk it, it was all I was going to risk. Pausing briefly, to renew the insurance, I set off for the first station in friendly space. Progress was smooth, jump, align cloaked, drop cloak, toggle AB, warp. This is going pretty well. I get through a few systems with the odd red or neut in and jump into the last hostile system on the route. Arrgh, red on the gate. I hold the cloak. He warps through. I carry on. The rest of the trip is without consequence and I get to my destination system. There are a couple of reds in the system, but I’m just going to dock so there’s no danger is there?

I warp to the station at 0 but come out of warp 1500m from it, 1000m from the docking ring. Outside are two reds, a Myrm and a Stiletto, and a blue, Interdictor of some sort. The reds of course target me. I click to approach the station, and switch on my shield hardeners. The Myrm gets a point on me and I’ve it, its Warrior II drones, and the Stiletto chipping away at my shields. I’m 800m from the station and closing… 700m … 600m … I get to 520m and bump! The Myrm hits me and now I’m back to 1200m away and facing in the wrong direction. Blast!!

I try in vain to get back to the docking ring but they keep bumping me. The dictor joins in on my side targetting the red interceptor. I pick a gate and click the warp button. Damn, I should have popped my warrior IIs out first to add to the fray. Now it won’t let me do it.

The Orca starts aligning slowly, with my shields bleeding away. Down to 40% now. Bump, knocked off the align. The Orca struggles back towards alignment. I try to stop warp and pick the celestial I’m now pointing at, but no joy. We are far enough into the sequence that I am just a passenger. 10% shields left … 0% .. they start to chew through my armor. 50% of the armor gone, the Interdictor pilot has forced the Stiletto to warp off, now the targets the Myrm. This distracts him enough to stop bumping me, but doesn’t draw the fire. Armor gone, and hull going. Flames start coming out of the back. I wish I’d fitted that DC now. Wait .. I’m aligned, speed is 70% .. 71 .. 72 .. 73 .. 74 .. 75 .. hull down to 65% .. I warp. Hurrah!!!

I get to the gate and go straight through. Relief pours over me.

I’m 11km from the gate, I flip the AB and start to slowboat back. Gate fire .. the Stiletto pilot appears in local. I cloak up, but he’s seen me I think. I turn back away from the gate and he starts zig-zagging. The gate fires again. Its the Myrm pilot. He drops drones and starts sweeping the area as well.

My palms are sweating at this point, I’ve got over half a billion ISK at stake here with the ship and its contents. I see these ships swooping around, getting within 8k or so and seemingly about to de-cloak me. In the meantime I’ve been providing intel to the alliance channel. Giving the location and type of the enemy ships.

I get a response. A number of pilots are heading my way. A friendly Drake hops through. The two reds descend on him. He fires a few missiles and sets drones on the Stiletto. The Stiletto kites the drones, an experienced pilot. The Myrms drones swarm the Drake. The pilot is chatting calmly in the intel channel.

“I’m baiting a Myrm, anyone want to join in?”

There is response from two other pilots, they are handful of systems away. I continue the slow move away from the gate. Suddenly the Drake jumps. Leaving me alone with my two hunters again. They resume their combing of space. I’m 18km from the gate now, and they aren’t sweeping close enough to get me. There’s nothing I can do though. I need to drop the cloak to warp.

After a few moments the gate fires, in jump 4 blues. The Drake, the dictor, a Hurricane, and a Brutix. More than enough to deal with the Myrm and Stiletto. Battle ensues. The Myrm is pounded but they can’t get a solid point on him and, after taking a bit of damage, he warps off. The Stiletto uses his speed and moves out of range, still keeping an eye on the gate. Eventually he warps off too.

All the blues but the Drake exit the system. I align with the gate, drop the cloak, ping the afterburner and resume my journey to the gate and safety. Suddenly the two reds are back on the scanner. I cloak back up. The message comes in fleet:

‘Orca, do you want to bait them?’

‘Can do’, I reply my shields being back to full, ‘give me the signal’.

I count down in fleet as I approach the gate under cloak. Once I get to 8 km the signal comes in fleet.


I drop the cloak and hit the AB.

‘Get to 0 on the gate’

The two reds descend on me, keen to finish me off. There is no distractions for them now, they know they might not escape, they want to get an Orca kill. The shields drop quicker this time. They must be overheating to do that much damage that quickly.

Suddenly, multiple gate fires, a bubble goes up. The Myrm has had it. It promptly melts. The Stiletto manages to get free of the bubble and warps off.

‘Orca, where do you want to go’


‘k, we’ll escort you’

All but the Drake jump through.

‘Go Orca, warp to station’

I jump. There are two neutrals on the gate engaging the blue fleet. I align cloaked and warp to station. No scares this time, I warp to 0 and dock straight away.

‘Docked. Thanks guys’.


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  1. hey esk. cool blog ill be checking this out regulary. keep it up 😀

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