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Posted in Chronicle with tags on October 30, 2009 by Baa

The bay doors open and ‘Frame A Reply’ was ejected into space. Deep inside the capsuleer took a moment to gather his senses, taking in the majesty of space for a split second before Aura warned him,

“Hostile in local, intelligence suggests a Raven”

Snapping out of the reverie the commands are given to engage the cloak as soon as the station shadow has been cleared. The hunt is on.

With Dominion around the corner there is a huge influx into the outlaw space of New Eden. Large alliances fearing the worst are looking to tie up space without having to pay for it themselves. Small alliances are taking advantage of this to rent systems and even constellations. Small corporations are latching on to these alliances in the pursuit of a dream.

This is a chronicle of the exploits of a capsuleer within one of those corporations. Only time will tell whether the dream is fulfilled.